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At CATHIS Farm, our pasture-raised meat chickens enjoy a daily change of scenery as they graze on fresh grass in their portable tractors. They’re nourished with either organic or non-GMO feed, ensuring the highest quality diet. Our free-range chicken farm provides ample space for them to roam, bask in the sunlight, and breathe fresh air. With our commitment to monitoring their health, wellness, and happiness, you can trust that our farm-raised chickens in North Carolina are of the highest standard.

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Nutritional Benefits of our Eggs

Discover the nutritional benefits of eggs from our pasture-raised chickens at CATHIS Farm. Unlike chickens raised in confinement, our hens enjoy the freedom to roam and bask in natural sunlight. Research indicates that these pasture-raised eggs boast lower cholesterol and saturated fats, along with higher levels of vitamin A, beta carotene, and essential omega-3 fatty acids. Indulge in these nutrient-rich eggs that not only taste delicious but also support your well-being. Experience the difference of truly nourishing eggs from our pasture-raised chickens.

Love this place! Originally I was purchasing pasture raised organic eggs at Whole Foods for almost $9 a dozen. Although those eggs were better than most…they are nothing compared to the eggs I purchased at Cathis Farms! The egg yolks are a much richer orange, you can certainly tell they raise happy hens!

The owner is incredibly personable and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a place to purchase high quality meat and eggs at a great price!


I have eaten chicken and duck eggs; chicken; and turkey from CATHIS Farm…all wonderful, flavorful, and food I can trust!!! Thank you for what you do, CATHIS!!

– Wilma

You will not want to go back to grocery store bought meats after having their products. Absolutely delicious!

– Yanis