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Our pasture-raised pigs enjoy a life of freedom on our farm, where they roam, forage, and find solace in the shade of the pines. They happily wallow in cool mud and savor a diet supplemented with high-quality, non-GMO feed sourced locally. Our pigs provide a wide range of pasture-raised pork products, including sausages, pork chops, and more. Experience the exceptional flavor and quality that comes from pigs raised with care and a natural, nourishing lifestyle at CATHIS Farm.


Pasture Raised
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Lillington NC
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Nutritional Benefits of Pasture-Raised Pork

Meat from pasture-raised, grass-fed pigs offers remarkable nutritional benefits compared to meat from pigs raised in confinement. These pigs enjoy ample sunlight and a diverse diet, resulting in pork with superior fat quality, and higher levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Many individuals appreciate the richer, more flavorful taste of grass-fed pork. Discover the exceptional quality and taste of our pasture-raised, grass-fed pork at CATHIS Farm.

Love Cathis Farms. Their chicken and turkey and sausage are highest quality. I have been a customer for 4+ years and always have great service, food and experience.

– Sueson

We have gotten both chicken and pork on different occasions. Sausage, bacon, deli ham, whole chicken and leg quarters. All meat has been of excellent quality and delicious.

– Alyssa

I can’t say enough good things about them. Genuinely nice people running their booth at the farmers market and their meat taste and quality is nothing shy of amazing!

– Brittany