Pre-Order a Whole or Half Pig 🐖 for September Delivery *Free Home Delivery on Orders $100+!
Pre-Order Half Pig

Pre-Order Half Pig

Half Pig Deposit - Final cost is estimated $800

A half pig from CATHIS Farm is the ultimate farm to table experience. Our forest-raised pigs are nurtured with care and raised in the woods using sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices. Benefits of buying a half pig include: 

  • 20% off retail prices! 
  • The option for customized cuts and sizes
  • A secure, convenient, inflation-proof supply of high-quality, local, forest-raised pork in your freezer

A $200 deposit reserves your CATHIS Farm pig for processing in September 2024. The final cost of a Half Pig will be around $800. Your $200 deposit will be applied to this final cost.


How much will I save by buying in bulk?

The average final cost per pound of take home meat for a Half Pig is $9.50/lb – a 20% savings compared to buying the same pork cuts at retail price.

How does a Half Pig order work?

We will pick up your meat from the processor and schedule a convenient time for home delivery or pick up from our farm. As we are reserving a Half Pig for you, deposits are non-refundable. Your meat will come vacuum sealed and frozen.

How much meat will I receive?

Each pig varies, but the final cut and wrapped meat you take home after trimming and processing will be around 84 lbs of pork at an estimated $9.50/lb.

What kinds of cuts are included?

We'll provided our recommended cuts along with a sample cut sheet. You'll have the opportunity to ask us any questions about your selections before our pigs are taken for processing, so that you receive a customized culinary experience.  A Half Pig order includes all of your pork favorites: sausage, bacon, pork chops, shoulder roasts, ribs, shanks, neck bones and nose-to-tail cuts.

How will you calculate the final cost of my Half Pig?

The cost of the Half Pig is determined by the hanging weight of the animal, at $7.00/lb, plus processing costs. For example, half of a 250 lb pig is 125 lbs, which is around 90 lbs of hanging weight after initial processing and the total cost will be around $800, including processing costs.

How much freezer space do I need?