Half and Whole Pig pre-order available for 2024 (limited supply)
Pre-Order Half Pig

Pre-Order Half Pig

Half Pig Deposit - Final cost is estimated $730

A half pig from CATHIS Farm is the ultimate farm to table experience. Our pasture-raised pigs are nurtured with care and raised in the woods using sustainable practices. Benefits of buying a half pig include: 

  • Our best pricing
  • The option for customized cuts and sizes
  • A secure and convenient supply of high-quality, local, forest-raised pork in your freezer

How does a Half Pig order work?

A $200 deposit reserves your CATHIS Farm pig for processing in February 2024. We’ll pick up your meat from the processor and schedule a convenient time for home delivery or pick up from our farm. As we are reserving a half pig for you, deposits are non-refundable. 

What kinds of cuts are included?

We'll work closely with you to discuss your preferences and walk through the cut sheet before our pigs are taken for processing, so that you receive a customized culinary experience.  A Half Pig order includes all of your pork favorites: sausage, bacon, pork chops, shoulder roasts, ribs, shanks, neck bones and nose-to-tail cuts.

How much will a Half Pig cost? 

Your $200 deposit will be applied to the total cost. The total cost of a Half Pig will be around $730, including processing costs.

Curious about the math behind this cost? The cost of the Half Pig is determined by the hanging weight of the animal, at $7.00/lb, plus processing costs. For example, half of a 250 lb pig is 125 lbs, which is around 90 lbs of hanging weight after initial processing. 

How much meat will I receive?

The final cut and wrapped meat you take home after trimming and processing will be an estimated 72 lbs of pork.

How much freezer space do I need?